There is a big glut of shopping sites and mobile apps in the market, and it becomes very hard to cut through the clutter. However, Waki cuts the chaos!

Waki is not just an ordinary e-commerce portal but speaks of everything, which combines the daily needs of an individual. It caters to everyone and encompasses every need of the users ranging from apparels, fashion, food, gadgets electronics and what not.Our prime motto is to sell products, which are of interest to our audience.

Controversial Myths About Online Shopping | Waki Store
Online Shopping
Abdulmohsen Alabra / June 28 2019

Controversial Myths About Online Shopping

What if my product wouldn’t reach me? What if it would be defective? What if there will be a wrong product?

Just like these Ifs, there are many others as well, which keep on banging in your mind when you decide to do online shopping, and this very fear can engulf the glad timings to be experienced with the online portal.

You all know that the very concept of online shopping is extremely interesting and draws the attention of many out there. It goes without saying ecommerce is bringing a huge pool of benefits for vendors and the buyers, but still, there is a prevailed set of myths in the market, which are not just common but controversial, and spike the unnecessary fuss around.

Hence to help you understand and clear the doubt cloud around the ecommerce, you have brought this post today….

First and the foremost, you must comprehend the fact that online shopaholics are the new TREND since it brings the oodles of convenience & comfort to the users. At the same time, sellers get a relevant portal to sell their products which have the potential in the market and can create a stir, if get platform.

Therefore online shopping is not just about creating a seamless passage for the buyers but for the vendors as well, wherein the inclusion of the any size of business in Saudi Arabia doesn’t matter.

Online sites are helping the shoppers to make more informed choices

Now let’s debunk the myths associated with the online shopping…

What if product will not be satisfactory?

Hmm, it’s a very logical point, and believe me I am not against of this thought process even rather I find it very relatable. Shopping is not just a therapeutic treatment but is an investment as well, wherein you spend a specific amount of our earning and saving in accessing services. Hence, you look forward to spend into a reliable source, which would fulfill our needs.

To solve this issue, go to a reliable ecommerce portal and check the delivery and return policy, this will help you enjoy the transaction all the more comfortable and easy. Such big ecommerce brands will give you the exact product on the account of your convenience.

What if companies give out defective products in online portal?

Once again I would not go against but would find it quit much relatable, as it depicts the fear residing within, and is very much common to be heard.

But do you know there is a BIG flaw in this very myth?

There are more than uncountable number of customers buying from online portals every minute and had there been such issues then this sort of success cannot be measured by any companies. So accept the fact that these customers are happy and satisfied and their number goal is increasing every passing minute.

What if there is nothing simple but only fancy?

Well this myth is FUNNIER, and the reason is very simple; not a single ecommerce portal offers only the fancy stuff, unless it is specifically designed for a specific domain, but this scarcely, since ecommerce is always a combination of various brands and product, also every brand offers a different set of products & services, which eliminates every possible chance of accessing only a particular category of products.

What if the actual product is different from its pic?

I know what you are hinting at?

A picture can tell a thousands of words, and trusting it fully to make a purchase, is not always a welcome decision, but with a trusted online portal you can be 100% assured of the image related to the product because every product and its pertinent details are verified and go through acid test of QA process.

Therefore you can buy products on the basis of images fearlessly.

These are some of the wide spread myths, which can be removed with the help of an efficient & incredible ecommerce portal.

Now you must be wondering that which type of ecommerce portal am I referring to, and how to pick that ONE portal to relish the beauty of online shopping?

Well, to answer this query, there is one tried and trusted name in the market, which has already created a stir in Saudi Arabia market.

So hold your breath, because such portal is none other than WAKI.

Yes you heard me all correct, WAKI is a revolutionary ecommerce portal which is all set to bring the conventional way of online shopping into something incredible and mesmerizing, never experienced any time before.

Why To Choose WAKI?

There are many reasons to recommend WAKI and soe of the most prominent ones are…

  • QR Code- This very feature lets the consumers to scan the QR/barcode of a product they like, and draw results from closest to the scanned product on the Waki platform. It utilizes the camera feature on the app, letting users scan products.
  • Object Identifier- This feature allows the app camera to identify objects in the real world. Customers can search for products on the app by taking or uploading the picture of the product.
  • Try On Me- It is the most engaging and worthy feature based on augmented reality, letting the users to have a trial of the products on them. First, it asks for the permission of the camera to be opened and the user will be shown how the products will look on them in the real time
  • Refer And Earn- This feature lets users to refer and earn points and these points are the gateway for the users to avail the discount and offer on products.

And above all, currently, WAKI is offering the vendor portal registration FREE of cost, letting the local businesses to start their revenue growth meter at a much faster rate.

So what are you waiting for, reach today and help your business to win the odds of competition with a trending and most successful ecommerce portal in Saudi Arabia, one and only WAKI.