There is a big glut of shopping sites and mobile apps in the market, and it becomes very hard to cut through the clutter. However, Waki cuts the chaos!

Waki is not just an ordinary e-commerce portal but speaks of everything, which combines the daily needs of an individual. It caters to everyone and encompasses every need of the users ranging from apparels, fashion, food, gadgets electronics and what not.Our prime motto is to sell products, which are of interest to our audience.

Debunking Myths Around E-Commerce Portal | WAKI
E-Commerce Portal
Abdulmohsen Alabra / April 30 2019

Debunking Myths Around E-Commerce Portal

Indeed a business expansion plan is based out on a series of R&D processes, where, there is no room for any error.

This is not the case-bound research for any specific industry or the genre, but this applies to every possible business or industry in your turf. Indeed there is not just one type of technique or process, which offers plenty of revenue profits, in this run, one of the most trending aspects, which has caught the attention of the local and the established brand in the current space is eCommerce.

I know I have not burst a GREAT deal, after naming e-commerce here, since everyone around us is very well aware of this trending piece, which is letting many businesses to expand their revenue to a great extent.

Yet, there are certain businesses, which are not so prompt in adopting the e-commerce, since they are being held back by their set of own confusion, fears, and of course the misconceptions.

No, I am not judging you on making a choice to go with or not with e-commerce, rather, my focus for this post is more about debunking the set of myths revolving around the e-commerce, so you can also relish its benefits and help your business to flourish ahead.

So what are you waiting for???

Let’s hop on the voyage which has an efficient destination of more benefits and more revenue.

Before punching the bag of myths, let’s take a look at the worth held by online shopping portal, so here we are:

Eventually the overcrowded online space is enough to create a ruckus in your mind with various disturbing thoughts, forcing you to abandon the idea to proceed with e-commerce, but this should not be the main driver to help you excel further, rather you should take a closer look at the big glut of benefits oozing out of online portal, especially for your business.

In the recent years, the technology-driven aura around us has led the businesses to grow leaps and bounds with the help of an online shopping model, which has even catered a different approach letting “small or local businesses” as well to list and sell their products through an e-commerce portal.

Further, the audiences who have been loyal to offline shopping are more keen towards shopping online, owing to a big gap found between the daily demanding schedule of users and meeting their requirements.

Albeit, still there are loads of misconceptions and apprehensions around selling online especially among small businesses. So now this is the time to clear the toxic fumes of myths around surrounding online selling, let’s read ahead…

Myth #1

My products are not fitting the demand for selling online.

There is an audience for every product in the world!

Yes, does it sound insane to you, but believe me, it is not. There is an audience for every service and the product, however, you need to be ensured of one fact that you are selling the RIGHT product to the RIGHT audience.

Figure out the best aspects of your products or services, understand the demand in the market, and further let it go on the e-commerce portal.

Myth #2

An E-Commerce Portal Needs A Full-Fledged Team

Actually, this one is my favorite J

No, I am not turning sarcastic, but it is favorite for me due to, the popularity factor!

Yes, this is one of the most asked questions, because people live under the blanket of misconceptions.

But this is where you need to be CORRECT!

An E-commerce platform like WAKI can help you set up your very own online space in less than 5 minutes, so much before you are done with that fresh hot cup of coffee, your digital space would be ready.

Myth #3

Users Don’t Use Credit Cards Online

Hmm, very good question and not just the myth, but look around you; people are increasingly buying online every passing minute. This is not just the case with one or two services, but every possible in your reach, since it guarantees the CONVENIENCE at your doorstep, where users can make a purchase without being troubled by the chaos of offline shopping mode.

Eventually Saudi locals are not too much willing to use Credit Card online, therefore a portal like WAKI, gives the convenience of COD- cash on delivery to the users. Here the genuine aura of your chosen e-commerce portal makes a huge deal. Therefore you must proceed with a trusted online shopping marketplace ony.

Myth #4

My Business Must Be FAMOUS

OOPS, but this is where you are once again WRONG!

The e-commerce industry has a seamless number of benefits, which definitely contradict this perception. Even if you are NEW/ LOCAL/ SMALL yet you have equal opportunities to sell and increase your revenue. Thus you should not fall for this moronic thought.

You can gain the deserving recognition with a minimal set of products and hardly any added customization to your store.


Acquiring Customers Is Challenging

Well, TBH it is challenging in every space and the online portal is not just the victim of this. Even in offline shopping, you need to be updated and selling the best which meets your users’ demand.

This same theory is a part of the online portal too; you can stay on top, only when you are GINVG something different & unique to your targeted audience. Although I suggest that an online portal, has an advantage, because you can check your competitors in one go, and can let your product to be different to be sold more.

These are some of the pieces from the crumbled cookie of misconceptions, and indeed there are many more. But the successful rule for business is very simple to get the attention of the wider audience base without being cast out from the race.

So if you are willing to be an active participator in this race, then don’t fall behind, and reach a genuine and leading e-commerce portal like WAKI.

WAKI is an online portal in Saudi Arabia, which converts the online presence as an entity to help you selling to hoards of new customers and turns out to be a great channel to build your brand.

Well, there is much more to experience and explored with WAKI, just take a quick glance at and help your business to reach the pinnacle of success.