There is a big glut of shopping sites and mobile apps in the market, and it becomes very hard to cut through the clutter. However, Waki cuts the chaos!

Waki is not just an ordinary e-commerce portal but speaks of everything, which combines the daily needs of an individual. It caters to everyone and encompasses every need of the users ranging from apparels, fashion, food, gadgets electronics and what not.Our prime motto is to sell products, which are of interest to our audience.

How To Attain Brand Loyalty With E-Commerce | WAKI
Brand Loyalty With E-Commerce
Abdulmohsen Alabra / May 2 2019

How To Attain Brand Loyalty With E-Commerce?

I cannot buy from any other portal; I have been buying from XYZ for many years!

Do you find it a little relatable?

Of course, you must have!

This is human’s psychology that we always pick something which comes after tried and tested approach, and indeed this concept in online shopping turns out to be more relevant and cannot be given a miss.

An e-commerce portal, gives a huge number of benefits to your business and helps in many ways to win the odds of competition and stand out as a winner, but to help your audience stay loyal to your brand or services only, also requires a huge deal of efforts and certain special practices, to be made to achieve the target.

Well, in this post, we are going to talk about these special techniques, helping you to get the best out of your business and build stronger revenue.

Let’s read further…

Rewards For That Buy

Any customer who comes first time on your portal via e-commerce and makes a purchase must be appreciated. Once someone becomes your customer, you should make them proud that you were their choice.

Include a personalized thank you note coupled with some discount on next purchase or some other complimentary gift hamper. This helps them know how much you value their association with your brand.

Win-Back Campaign

I know for every business retaining the customers and get the repeat business from them, hold the maximum worth. Here you need to keep trying to win customers back at the right time.

Once late is late forever, therefore you need to do a bit of research at your end, and figure out how frequently your customers order, accordingly send them relevant offers or new arrivals update, to incur the user-engagement.

Give Them Offers They Can’t Refuse

Entice your customers with products or services they value. Again it needs a bit of research, for instance, if a customer buys cosmetics, then offering a spa coupon or hair-cut discount with other partner businesses, would not be a wrong choice.

Personalized Experience

No, don’t mistake it only sufficed to SMS and emails but offering a feel of personalization, has a lot to do with the emotion you create around your services, that gives a feel to the audience that they are a part of your company and their opinion and reviews matter a lot.

Try tailoring the product selections or greet the customer by name, every time they visit the portal. It might sound so small, but trust me on this; these small touches make all the difference in showing the customer how valued they are, and it further strengthens their attachment to your brand.

Choose A Loyal Marketplace

When I specifically say the marketplace, then let me be précised that I am referring to the e-commerce portal you choose for your business. The worth of an online portal, cannot be explained in words, because it is all due to this portal’s aura, consumers trust your brand and prefer to make a purchase.

A right selection helps you not just build revenue but also it ensures to carve out a deserving recognition for your brand which lasts forever and let a huge pool of consumers to keep flooding on your portal.

Is it too much to ask for?

No, it should not be with WAKI.

Wait, what is WAKI????

Ok, let me clear the air, WAKI is an online shopping portal in Saudi Arabia, which is dealing in men’s/women’s/kids’ clothing, gadgets, electronic appliances, groceries, accessories, mobiles, vanity, shoes, watches and what not, here you get everything with just a few smart clicks made on your app, and product is all set to deliver at your doorstep, in 30-90 min only.

Yes, you heard me all correct; WAKI caters the FREE home delivery in just quickest delivery time frame of 30-90 min only.

Apart from mentioned benefits, WAKI has much more in its Pandora box to reveal, just reach WAKI team to know more.