There is a big glut of shopping sites and mobile apps in the market, and it becomes very hard to cut through the clutter. However, Waki cuts the chaos!

Waki is not just an ordinary e-commerce portal but speaks of everything, which combines the daily needs of an individual. It caters to everyone and encompasses every need of the users ranging from apparels, fashion, food, gadgets electronics and what not.Our prime motto is to sell products, which are of interest to our audience.

How Waki Helps To Meet The Challenges Of Brick & Mortar Businesses
Online Shopping
Abdulmohsen Alabra / July 22 2019

How Waki Helps To Meet The Challenges Of Brick & Mortar Businesses?

Pick a commoner walking on the street, and ask about the preference for shopping, without a delay, only one word will pop out from your mouth, and that is Online Shopping.

Yes, online shopping has paved a way for the successful business strategies for a glut of sellers, and it is very visible that online shopping is gradually but surely putting an end to the traditional brick-and-mortar storefront.

E-commerce is here to stay.

So how can the brick & mortar businesses bring the lost charm of their revenue back?

Well, it is very easier, as online shopping portals offer the convenience to a larger number of users. Hence every offline store needs to have an online presence with a reliable eCommerce portal, like WAKI.

Ohh, it sounds very confusing, and you feel lost?

Well, you don't need to be, because we are here to help you figure out the best ways to beat the boredom of sales drop in this post, so just read it ahead…

Before I will hit the main points, lemme grab your attention towards one of the most significant reasons to opt for online shopping.

How Does Online Shopping Benefit?

TBH, it is a topic to be deeply understood, but in this post, I am going to highlight the major points. So online shopping is largely been preferred by the users, to…

  • Get the availability of a wide range of products under one roof only
  • Access immense convenience and Comfort
  • Provides convenient Delivery Options across Saudi
  • Brings best deals & discount coupons
  • The competitive pricing helps in picking the right product

Now when you are well-equipped with the reasons to opt for online shopping, another bombarding question that falls onto the sellers' laps is that where to find the best eCommerce portal, wherein you would not lose the worth but also get the relevant revenue generation model.

So your wait is over, as WAKI is here!

What is WAKI? How will it help my business? Is it really offering the worth to my services? What about the charges?

I know these all queries must be banging in your head hard, and you must be in a fix, that whether to opt for the e-commerce portal WAKI or not.

So here we begin…

What is WAKI?

Well, WAKI is an eCommerce portal in Saudi Arabia, which is meant to revolutionize the very existence of online shopping with the number of benefits it has got to offer, not just for the users, but also for the sellers too.

Where Is It Available?

WAKI, is an app platform, which is available on both Android & iOS and the web portal as well. To ease down the woes of sellers and buyers it has separate pages for both, so there would not be an iota of confusion to be experienced.

How WAKI Is Different?

WAKI is different in many ways, and some of the essentials which can shape up your sales funnel are mentioned herewith:

  • QR Code- This very feature lets the users scan the QR/barcode of a product as per their preferences, and get results from closest to the scanned product on the WAKI platform. It further uses the camera feature on the app, letting users scan products.
  • Object Identifier- This feature allows the app camera to identify objects in the real world. All the users can search for products on the app by taking or uploading the picture of the product.
  • Try-On Me- This is an augmented reality-based feature, letting the users have a trial of the products on them. First, it asks for the permission of the camera to be opened and the user will be shown how the products will look on them in the real-time
  • Refer And Earn- This feature lets users refer and earn points and these points are the gateway for the users to avail the discount and offer on products.

How WAKI Will Bring Revenue To Local Sellers?

A very good question!

For a local vendor there are many challenges, such as limited visibility, skipped repeat sales due to distance, bigger brands take an edge and many more…

WAKI addresses all!

Brings visibility

For a local seller, the concern of wide visibility is taken care by WAKI, as it allows the businesses to stay available and accessible 24/7 without a fail, and get the attention of the audience in a larger number.

Brings repeat sales

Since WAKI is an online shopping portal, it allows the sellers to repeat their sales, and users can buy the offered services & products at any point of time, and that too as per their convenience.

Grows wider users

A local seller is supposed to sell his/her products to a wider range, but the limitation of the area and region, allows the audiences to be hailed from a specific region only, but with WAKI this issue is resolved, as the online portal can be accessed anywhere, this allows the sellers to sell their products to a wider audience base.

What More WAKI Has Got In Store For Sellers?

  • 30-90 minute delivery time frame
  • 2 steps checkout process
  • Easiest navigation
  • Product quality is highly ensured

Now you must be curious to know the cost to register with WAKI?

Hmmm, a very serious question, but the answer is very STRAIGHT & SIMPLE…

You don’t need to spend even a single penny to get registered with WAKI, and it is absolutely FREE for a limited period of time.

Yes, registration on WAKI is FREE and you can flaunt your products on this incredible portal now…

Don’t wait anymore just reach and helo your business to flourish