There is a big glut of shopping sites and mobile apps in the market, and it becomes very hard to cut through the clutter. However, Waki cuts the chaos!

Waki is not just an ordinary e-commerce portal but speaks of everything, which combines the daily needs of an individual. It caters to everyone and encompasses every need of the users ranging from apparels, fashion, food, gadgets electronics and what not.Our prime motto is to sell products, which are of interest to our audience.

Simplicity Of Waki Helps You Win The Revenue Battle | Waki
Simplicity Of Waki Helps You Win The Revenue Battle
Abdulmohsen Alabra / April 25 2019

Simplicity Of Waki Helps You Win The Revenue Battle

You know I tried shopping on xyz portal, and I had to quit the purchase because there was enough noise, which simply stopped me to proceed ahead?

This is just one simple example, citing the pathos we all go through, in the event of the disturbing online shopping experience, wherein we even go forward, but the excessive clutter on the portal, stops to make the final purchase.

Yes, this is quite a melodramatic scene, when you visit an online shopping portal, but decide to drop the gun, before shooting in the right direction, due to the ruckus of design. Unfortunately, this situation sums up to the current condition, wherein maximum e-commerce portals have a disturbing app or web design.

Needless to mention, but the stress caused by the portal's design largely hampers your business expected revenue from the e-commerce portal.

No, I didn’t mean to scare you, but this is the fact, you need to consider, before associating with an ecommerce portal.  For an e-commerce portal, a website is a digital forefront,  which allows the different set of audiences to come and interact with.

And if this very medium is coming with many humps, then no audience would love to stay and buy from the portal.

Then what can be the solution?

Well, the only solution which fits the bill here suggests, keep the portal’s design as simple as possible.

Sounds so enticing! But do you think it is easier to be achieved???

Of course not, because the another roadblock speaks;

It’s easy to make a confusing website and it’s hard to make a simple website.

YES, this is the million-dollar fact; a simple e-commerce portal is the hardest thing to be achieved, because businesses and their offered services, under different categories, which itself turned out to be a complicated journey, and on top of all, different ideas and inputs further offer a perfect recipe for a disaster.

Therefore, to make your e-commerce portal simple yet effective is not an easy task to be done. Albeit, this very issue is understood by WAKI, therefore we have practiced the best strategies to get an efficient web and app design.

WAKI- is an ecommerce portal in Saudi Arabia; available on website and a mobile app. This incredible ecommerce app, has created a stir in the market, and is already gaining enough of appreciation.

With this post, we have compiled some of the essentials, which helped WAKI to turn into an ever-enchanting design solution, let’s find out further…

First and the foremost, let’s comprehend why there is a need for simple design?

Remember once and for all; if your portal’s design lacks in something, then users decide that they don’t want to do business with you. In the online business niche, simplicity rules and in its absence, it only leads to the chaos that can be experienced in the low sales for your business.

A clean and simple design is one way to show that you’re serious about your brand.

What Makes WAKI Design Different?

WAKI design doesn’t equate with a minimalist design aesthetic, rather it has just removed all unnecessary elements from the design, content, and code.

A busy design might look FULLER to you, but is vulnerable enough to lose its allure and become dated quickly.

Below is a rundown of some of the elements WAKI has adopted to simplify the portal designs, to bring more business revenue.

Easy Navigation

We know that simple design doesn’t need to have extraneous information, henceforth, we have included fewer pages and sections; converting the design of the site is least cluttered, and easier to be navigated.

The simple design builds trust

The trust cannot be asked for, but has to be earned for; we all are aware of this ubiquitous fact. However, this very formula fits the bill of the e-commerce portal as well.

If you want to sell anything through your online portal, then you need to ensure that you can earn the trust of your visitors. But this is a hard nut to crack with a messy and busy design.

A clean e-commerce design, speaks of professionalism and the clarity you hold towards your business and its offered services.

Scannable Content

WAKI design cuts down the complicated decorative elements, helping the content to take the center stage. This ensures to bring the relevant information to be grabbed by the audience with ease and helping you to get your services easily scanned and picked.

Further, it maximizes the number of people who see the most important parts of your content, hence WAKI has stripped down the design to the bare essentials, helping the users to bring their attention to what matters most.

What More WAKI Has In Store For You?

Apart from the incredible design, WAKI has some of the awe-inspiring features and the functionalities in its kitty.

Least steps for checkout

Unlike other portals, WAKI has reduced the unnecessary steps of buying a product. With WAKI, your users only need to perform 3 steps journey;

  • Select;
  • Checkout;
  • Make the payment.

This ease of checking out is turning the game for the users, letting them evade the obstructions of excessive steps to be followed.

Color theme

The colour themes are often considered to be a not-so-welcoming aspect by the e-commerce portal, however, this is where WAKI thinks and practices the different ideologies.

We know the power of colors and how they can affect your end-users, hence we have integrated different shades of colors with a tint of serenity to be found within them.

This helps in making your products appear cleaner and more polished.

To wrap up, it can be concluded that simple design is more accessible and help the users to find ways to consume your content, without getting a hint of SALES pitch within it.

Since in the current online shopping, most of the e-commerce portals appear too “salesy,” which in an attempt to increase revenue and conversions, these complex sites often drive away from the potential customers.

Therefore, WAKI helps your businesses to invite visitors, without giving them a feel that we are selling to them. We very well comprehend that work efforts put into the website design can have a huge effect on the money to be made through the site.

With the help of a simple design, you let your business to make a great first impression and help the first-time visitors to resonate with your offered services.

If you are willing to know more about WAKI – a revolutionary mobile app in the e-commerce genre, then just get in touch with us, and comprehend that how you can create more opportunities for your business.