There is a big glut of shopping sites and mobile apps in the market, and it becomes very hard to cut through the clutter. However, Waki cuts the chaos!

Waki is not just an ordinary e-commerce portal but speaks of everything, which combines the daily needs of an individual. It caters to everyone and encompasses every need of the users ranging from apparels, fashion, food, gadgets electronics and what not.Our prime motto is to sell products, which are of interest to our audience.

Why Waki Is The Best Choice For Your Physical Store?
Abdulmohsen Alabra / June 14 2019

Why Waki Is The Best Choice For Your Physical Store?

Every business lives by a dream that it needs to fall stronger on the shores of revenue goal, so the flourishing effect can be experienced by the business in its extended form. It sounds so mystical and closer to your hearts when you get to know, that something is going to bring revenue to you, and will enhance your store presence on the global front.

It is actually thought from the next world, but wait, is this that easier to be done?

Hmmm, considering the aura of current space, it is definitely not a bed of roses to walk on, but it is not impossible even!

Does it sound clichéd?

It must be, because we all know the struggles a vendor gets indulged into, on those local street shops around you, you can realize that how far a seller makes the efforts to get noticed and let the products to be shopped. But this is hard to be achieved with a simpleton strategy.

For a seller, the journey of bringing revenue is not always an easy task, but it comes along with heavy baggage of existing competition and unwanted fuss around your business. The revenue generation for a business is a hard nut to crack, and cannot be given an easy-to-go attitude. If you want your business to come at the forefront of the expanding space, then you must start thinking of bringing innovation in your selling tactics.

Innovation and selling tactics, are a perfect duo to be mentioned, but how to achieve it?

Well, well, well…you don’t need to get panic attacks, as I am not going to bring additional expense to your business, but this is something which you must consider right away and that is registering your business with an e-commerce portal.

An e-commerce portal!

That is ok, but how to get registered and where to get registered, above all what are the benefits to be gained from an online portal to attain better revenue cycle.

I know these are some of the questions which would be hitting in your head right now, and you desperately want to know the answer, so my dear folks, here is the answer…


I might have caused some of you to raise your eyebrows, so without beating the further ado, let me address every bit of your doubt…

So let’s begin the voyage

What is WAKI?

WAKI- is an e-commerce platform!

I know it doesn’t sound anything perfect, but this is where you have to change your perception. An e-commerce portal like WAKI has the worth to transform the traditional way of online shopping in Saudi Arabia, as it is not just sufficed to offer a wide verity of products from different online vendors, rather it also helps the users to connect with physical stores on the street, helping the consumers to “virtually” take a look, inside every store around and buy what suits the requirement.

However, WAKI doesn’t stop here, but it has multiple benefits, which can really encourage the different set of audiences to come and make a purchase…let’s find out further…

The conventional form of online shopping combines selling and buying, which is usual with every portal, but this very concept is going to change with WAKI.

WAKI delivers speed

By speed, I mean super speed, which is generally expected from the online shopping, but it happens to be completely opposite. Consumers look for the services at a faster speed in today’s time, and waiting even for 2-3 days to get the product delivered, is not the favorable option.

Hence, WAKI brings the solution in the picture, wherein it lets delivery to be made 30-90 min only.

Couldn’t trust your ears!

Well, this is the fact, and you need to trust this very aspect. 

Consumers get to have the delivery made to their home in the fraction of 30-90 min, which is lesser than the time, spent in walking to the physical stores and shopping the products.

Bring MORE to your audience base

To reach new consumer base, then sellers need to practice a series of efforts, but WAKI reduces that baggage and let the new customers reach you after following a process to buy, check, compare any product on the physical stores.

The audience gets to unleash the new variety of the products, services which are trending in the market, and the best competitive price to click the deal button.

A blessing for local Saudi market sellers

Saudi Arabia and WAKI!

It is something that needs to be addressed, so to be précised, WAKI is already a brand in Saudi, and it very well relates to the issues faced by the local vendors. Here the sellers despite having the potential and quality laden services, can't reach to the wider market base, as the range of physical stores is limited to a specific turf only.

Although with WAKI, sellers get the medium to showcase their products and services to not just to one specific region only, they get the expansion to a larger user base and spread their business popularity to the next level.

Simple & clean as water

I know this metaphor, might sound little too much, but WAKI is completely based on one fact, which reveals that its very concept is SIMPLE & CLEAR, and it can easily be operated by anyone coming from any walk of life. The app’s UI/UX is so easy that it can be accessed by anyone without getting confused. Also, the navigation is made so seamless that it doesn’t require any sort of special tutorial to be considered but can be accessed effortlessly.

An incredible set of features

As I mentioned before, it is not the ordinary or usual platform for online shopping, but it has something additional, which entices the consumers, like:

  • QR Code- This feature allows users to scan the QR/barcode of a product they like, and draw results from closest to the scanned product on the Waki platform. It utilizes the camera feature on the app, letting users scan products.
  • Object Identifier- This feature enables the camera on the app to identify objects in the real world. Customers can search for products on the app by taking or uploading the picture of the product.
  • Try On Me- This is an augmented reality-based feature, which allows the users to have a trial of the products on them. First, it asks for the permission of the camera to be opened and the user will be shown how the products will look on them in the real time
  • Refer And Earn- This feature allows users to refer and earn points and these points are the gateway for the users to avail the discount and offer on products.

This is the quick glance at some of the advantages WAKI would proffer to your local business, and clearly, indicate how you can engage more audience and trigger the sales chart. WAKI is not just available on mobile, but it is very much available on the website as well. This helps the audience to access the services as per their convenience and make the online purchase.

So without any further delay, register yourself on WAKI portal FREE of cost and avail the benefits of online shopping.

Drop a mail on and let your physical store reaching to new heights with no investment requires at all.