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With Waki Bring Your Hijab Business On Global Scale
Abdulmohsen Alabra / May 31 2019

With Waki Bring Your Hijab Business On Global Scale

Hijab- the very first thing that comes in your mind, after listening to it, is the black piece of cloth worn around the head, as a practicing traditional clothing in Saudi Arabia by millions of women, but associating fashion with a Hijab is out of the question…right?

Is this what you think?

Well, there is nothing wrong into it, but a slight change has to be made in your very own thought process, which states that fashion and Hijab cannot get along with because it is very much possible!

Yes, you heard me all correct and fine, today this very usual piece of cloth is very much available in a full range variety of gush of colors, patterns, fabric and above all is a fashion statement, and many local shops in Middle East are selling the incredible veil designs and colorful patterns to delight the consumers coming from different walks of life.

Let’s take an insight with this post today about the Hijab fashion and how it has become a significant piece of the fashion clothing market and is helping the vendors throughout Saudi Arabia to innovate the design & pattern to fit the demands of the consumers globally.

A Sneak-Peek Into Hijab

Look around, you can easily find a woman clad in Hijab- a beautiful array of traditional dress from Middle-East.

When you travel through countries Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, the Malay and South Eastern Europe, you are greeted by the stunning diversity of color, patterns, prints and materials, which greet the eyes, reflecting through Hijab designs coming from vibrant colors and bring the aesthetic appeal to the this traditional clothing. Even in the European countries this very piece is used as a fashion statement to go along with the Trench coats or even to suit the formal pant suits.

There are multiple ways, in which women around the world prefer to wrap this piece around their neck, head or even in hair, and it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that Hijab has crossed the borders of Middle-East and has engulfed the very landscape of countries situated oceans distance away. It comes in many varieties and is called by different names, such as veil, hijab, scarf, stole, chador and what not…

You must be wondering why am I even sharing my thoughts around veil today, well the reason behind is very simple, I grew up in a Saudi region, and was always surrounded by this beautiful culture, which clearly depicted on the streets, shops and every nook and corner of the city.

How Hijab Has Transformed Over The Years?

The time has brought a magical touch of different colors and hues to the pure black conventional outlook and has let the world see the real beauty of different colors, which surely reflects the culture of the people and creativity of the clothiers.

But do you even know what all it takes to bring that magnificent piece to come alive and being sold through online shopping?

Well, it crosses the path of many hurdles and requires the time. It has to go through several steps of using locally grown materials, organic dyes and is especially suited to the climatic conditions of each region, and within this huge range of journey of different manufacturing, one simple quotient lies silently, that is fashion, which has to unify the very principle of modesty as well.

Rise of Middle-East Fashion

Needless to say but today, fashion has turned out to be a lucrative global industry with countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, leading the way and if the reports to be believed then by 2010 global clothing market for Middle-East was found to be worth around US$2.9 billion.

The Global Islamic Economy report for 2014-2015 indicated consumers spending on clothing and footwear had increased to $266 billion in 2013.

The report predicted this market to reach $488 billion by 2019.


Did it just release from your mouth, it did from mine too, when I heard it the first time, but this is the fact and traditional fashion has grown out to be something much more than it was supposed to be.

Growth of Traditional Fashion

Over a period of time, the Hijab fashion has evolved into a niche market, and has found a place for itself online and has been booming extensively.

Modest- Middle East fashion vendors take the benefits from the e-commerce websites like Waki, to dispense the advice for new and trending hijab styles to consumers, and bringing the large glut of consumers, which now includes a number of newly-converted shoppers.

What Future Holds For Saudi Vendors?

It would be completely wrong to not to discuss the vendors’ contribution in bringing the latest fashion in veil to us. However, since the consumers’ interest has inclined more towards online shopping, hence there is a drip experienced by the local vendors in their sales.

But this very issue is addressed by the introduction of e-commerce portals like WAKi, which has given an opportunity to the local vendors to bring their products on the online space and get their user-base expanded to larger regions and the globe as well.

What More Vendors Can Get From WAKI?

One of the most disturbing facts every vendor deals with is the decline in their sales, despite holding the quality-laden products with huge variety, and also deals with the competition. This largely happens; as the consumers today are more willing to access the shopping as per their convenience and big brands add this into their access passage, reducing the chances of growth for the local vendors.

With WAKI, a vendor can reflect the services/products and get recognized to a larger user-base, also sellers can keep a track on the services offered by other brands/vendors and in accordance with they can offer the competitive prices.

One of the biggest advantages WAKI is offering to the vendors, is allowing them to REGISTER FREE of cost for a limited period of time, so what are you waiting for?

Drop a mail at the and understand the process to be followed to register yourself at cost of nothing and get the benefits of bringing your Hijab manufacturing/selling onto a larger selling scale.